Things to Know About Meditation for Health

Meditation is just a mind and body practice with an extended history of good use for raising calm and physical rest, increasing mental harmony, coping with illness, and improving all-around health and well-being. Several studies have now been conducted to check out how meditation might be great for many different conditions, such as, for instance, high blood pressure, certain psychological disorders, and pain. Numerous studies also provide helped researchers understand how meditation might work and how it affects the brain.

Here are eight things to understand by what the science says about meditation for health:

 For those who suffer from cancer symptoms and treatment unwanted effects, mind-body therapies, such as meditation, have now been shown to help relieve anxiety, stress, fatigue, and general mood and sleep disturbances, thus improving their quality of life. Evidence-based clinical practice guidelines from the Society for Integrative Oncology recommend meditation and other mind-body modalities within a multidisciplinary approach to cut back anxiety, mood disturbance, chronic pain, and improve life quality.

There’s some evidence that meditation may reduce blood pressure. A literature review and scientific statement from the American Heart Association implies that evidence supports the use of Transcendental Meditation being an adjunct or complementary therapy alongside standard treatment to lower blood pressure

A growing body of evidence implies that meditation-based programs might help reduce common menopausal symptoms. A 2010 report on scientific literature found that yoga, tai chi, and meditation-based programs might help reduce common menopausal symptoms like the frequency and intensity of hot flashes, sleep and mood disturbances, stress, and muscle and joint pain.

  There’s moderate evidence that meditation improves apparent symptoms of anxiety. A 2014 report on the literature found that mindfulness meditation programs had moderate proof improved anxiety, depression, pain, and low proof improved stress/distress and mental health-related quality of life. investors bank

Some studies declare that mindfulness meditation helps individuals with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), but there’s inadequate evidence to draw firm conclusions. A 2013 report on the scientific literature concluded that mindfulness training improved IBS patient’s pain and quality of life but not their depression or anxiety; however, the quantity of improvement was small.

Overall, there is inadequate evidence to understand whether mind-body practices are as effective as other treatments to help people quit smoking. To date, there have only been a few studies on mindfulness-based therapies to aid in smoking cessation.

 There isn’t enough evidence to guide the use of meditation for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Based on a 2010 report on the science, because of the small number of studies conducted on meditation for ADHD, no conclusions could be drawn about its effectiveness for this condition.

Meditation is generally regarded as safe for healthy people. However, individuals with physical limitations may not be involved in certain meditative practices involving movement.

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You can start a good Home-Based CBD Business.

Within the last few years, the CBD market has been seeing lots of customers. CBS is also referred to as Cannabidiol Oil. Actually, this compound is extracted from cannabis. CBD has a number of medical benefits to offer. It is good for patients with epilepsy, arthritis, back pain, cancers, and AIDS, just to name a few.

This industry collects around $3 billion each year, that will be great news for suppliers and marketers. If you want to begin a home-based CBD business, you may want to check out the tips given below.

Identify your Target Audience

If you want to start and run your organization successfully, we suggest that you identify our target market cbd gummies. The demand for the product is huge all over the world. Since the item offers restorative properties and pain reducing elements, cancer patients have a good demand for it.

So, your first move is to recognize the sort of diseases that you want to offer your product for. As an example, if you are over 60 years old and have arthritis, we suggest that you target your product at individuals who have the same condition.

Moreover, you can publish articles and blog posts that could help people who have CBD Oil with the help of CBD Oil. Make sure the titles of every blog post or article is catchy. Apart from articles, you could consider publishing short podcasts and videos. Be sure you post valuable content. That you do not desire to bore your readers with boring content.

Get Positive Reviews

Remember: if you want to know about something that could allow you to grow your organization overnight, it’s positive customer reviews. If you want to raise your sales, you want to attract as numerous customers as you can with the help of testimonials, reviews, referrals, and a few marketing techniques.

If you use this oil yourself, you can share your own experience with your customers. There are always a lot of customers searching for pure CBD oil sellers online.

Things you need to do is work on customer satisfaction. Be sure you get as numerous good reviews on your website as you can. Your product sales depend on your positive reviews. It’s better to have a testimonial and review section on your site. You are able to invite your web visitors to leave reviews on this section.

Have a Solid Business Plan

Just like other home-based businesses, you need to create some investment in the beginning. Apart from this, you need to handle maintenance costs like branding, packaging, and shipping as well. You can get the money you need from a number of sources, such as for instance your own personal savings, business loan or investors. All you want to do is get going and money begins pouring in. Therefore, we suggest that you have a good investment plan in place. Next, you need setting a budget and reach work.

Simply speaking, if you want to start your own home-based CBD Oil business, you may want to check out the strategies explained in this article. With consideration and work, you can achieve your goals.

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Hemp Seed Oil Might help Dealing with Joint disease.

Many people would dismiss arthritis as a simple and natural procedure for aging when in reality it is not. It is really a crippling disease; slow yet decapitating. Arthritis has many forms and accompanying painful symptoms. Somehow, in the advent of modern-day technology and medical breakthroughs, we try to find a natural alternative means of battling arthritis knowing that it is safer and economical yet effective.

Arthritis simply means inflammation of the joints. We’ve a variety of joints inside our body and this disorder relates to the swelling and pain that develops in the affected section of someone inflicted with it.

What are the results to the affected area is coined as “cartilage and bone gravel.” Because of the overstretching of muscles which cause damage to the joints, what’s left of the bones as well as the cartilage, would forcefully rub against each other which in turn causes throbbing pain as well as worsening the damage of the affected joints. This continues to happen over and once more; it becomes a painful cycle and it gets worse over time.

Though it seems to become a dead end, there are plenty of alternative natural treatment options available and there is one that may suit your criteria perfectly.

In this context, we want to recommend hemp seed oil capsule, which will be said to be “nature’s most perfectly balanced oil” and “the most nutritionally complete food source there is on earth “.Its liquid formulation can be used with a spoon and really tastes good. This is advised for long-term use how to use a cbd tincture. It’s advantage over its other counterparts because it features a perfectly balanced fatty acid profile.

Moreover, this contains essential fatty acids (EFA’s) and gamma linoleic acid (GLA), both which are very vital to achieve overall optimum health.

GLA (Gamma-Linolenic Acid) studies have also proven that hemp oil lowers the chance of heart attack and strengthens the immune defenses. The fundamental fatty acids helps lower blood cholesterol, promote good blood flow, and helps improve overall organ function.

Cannabis sativa is referred as the most important of crops because it has provided us with useful edible seeds, oil, and medicine. Imbalances in specific fatty acids be seemingly correlated to common diseases such as arthritis, eczema, acne, and a lot more. This further promotes the usage of hemp oil because it is rich in essential proteins and essential fatty acids. It can be rich in protein.

It may also be used in cooking delectable and healthy dishes. It’s a definite nutty taste to it which makes it ideal to add in your side dishes with veggies, which can make this a must-have for vegetarians. It is also taken within a sumptuous dips and salad dressings. Even better, it could be taken in its natural form as a dietary supplement.

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Is actually CBD Separate Befitting Me personally?

Cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, is one of the fastest growing products and industries growing today. But what precisely is CBD and is its purified isolate form something you should be considering? First, let’s look at why people take CBD.

Derived from Hemp or Marijuana, CBD contains no THC meaning that it generally does not get you “high” or “buzzed” at all like Cannabis does. This means that you may get every one of the benefits of medical marijuana without actually having to take a substance that’s psychoactive properties. That is one of the reasons it keeps growing so quickly in popularity globally, it generally does not get you high but you get the advantages nonetheless.

Why is CBD consumed? There is still much research ongoing regarding its efficacy for a variety of different chronic illnesses and ailments but the current verdict is promising. CBD is taken regularly by patients suffering from: chronic pain, anxiety/depression, sleep disorders or insomnia, as an appetite stimulator, to name a few. It keeps growing in popularity, especially in the United States, where in fact the opiate epidemic has been largely caused by powerful prescription narcotics patients take to manage pain. CBD lets you manage pain with no risk of addiction or death because of overdose. It works because CBD also reduces inflammation a significant cause of join pain and other kinds of chronic pain.

CBD comes in different forms. Edible gummies, lollipops, pills, tinctures, oils, creams, and isolate powder. Which brings us to your questions, “is CBD isolate right for you personally? “.CBD iso as it is commonly known is roughly 99.9% potent with CBD. Meaning you will find no fillers, additives, and other compounds which you might not want to ingest. Its purity also helps it be super easy to dose properly you may already know how much you’re getting per drop or micro-gram.

Its potency helps it be convenient. You can dose easily and the sweetness of CBD isolate powder is that it may be added to just about anything you consume what do cbd gummies treat. Being tasteless, iso is commonly added to teas, smoothies, yogurts, ice creams, oatmeal, power bowls, and many others. It’s up to you to determine how you intend to bring it, but that’s also why CBD isolate makes such a good fit for some users. You’ve plenty of choice when it comes to how you’ll bring it because it is so versatile.

So if you’re in the market for CBD isolate, there are a few things you are able to do. The most common is to purchase it online and own it shipped directly to your doorstep. That is great because many locations that sell CBD products may not need isolate and that’s why you need to probably browse online to find the best quality and best selection to match your needs.

In general, CBD keeps growing ever more in popularity on a regular basis and that market is poised to hit over 20 billion dollars by 2020. See what most of the hype is all about and be sure you focus on a low dose to see the manner in which you individually answer it. Enter into a CBD routine and you may find you’re no further reaching for ibuprofen or aspirin (or something stronger) to handle your join pain and other chronic pain.

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Tips on how to Employ Penis Enlargement Tablets

Lots of people on the net think penis enlargement tablets really are a scam. Many men still find it impossible to increase the size of your manhood. To be honest these males won’t have a larger penis because they don’t believe it’s possible, so they don’t ever try the techniques and never buy any capsules. I believe this really is fine because it provides huge advantage to those who believe some methods work and those who never give up.

I usually believed it absolutely was possible to increase my size and kept on trying various ways to attain what many individuals believe is impossible. Even doctors have said in my experience, “you need to be happy using what you’ve got” and the easy fact was I wasn’t.

Penis exercises work very well. Don’t let anyone let you know any different. From the trying the exercises and thinking this isn’t working and in all honesty it wasn’t. So what did I really do? Did I quit the exercises? No not at all, I tried to find out if I was doing the exercises correctly. I kept re-reading how to do the exercises and watched many videos on how it’s done. Finally I realised the correct techniques were working because I was using good form to perform the motion.

Jelqing and other techniques form penile methods to produce a larger size naturally. I will explain how to execute jelqing and I suggest you watch videos free on the net which show this technique.

1) First you warm up your member by soaking a cloth in warm water and wrapping it around your member. Remember to completely cover your manhood. Penisstorlek Try this for 5 minutes and keep wetting the cloth in order to keep warming your manhood. The water ought to be hot however not as hot as to burn you.

2) Use Vaseline to liberally cover the complete of the penis. Next create an OK sign together with your hand. Finally grab the beds base of one’s penile length and milk the length beginning base to just below your head.

3) Try this motion 100 per day. You must always milk from the beds base to just below your head. Please ensure you know exactly how to get this done exercise as efforts could possibly be void if you should be using poor technique.

These methods should be utilized together with penis enlargement tablets. Believe it or not some men do not take penis enlargement tablets with food as instructed. This is a mistake as taking the capsules with food helps digestion of the herbs which provides the desirable effect of enhancement.

Some individuals think; why doesn’t someone record their gains using video everyday so we could know if penis enlargement really works? Well we have discovered that person. Click on the male enlargement pills link below and you will see a guy going for a video diary everyday. He actually gains 1.5 inches in 6 months.

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Safe Weight Loss Pills Assists within Reducing your weight

There are lots of safe fat loss pills in the market which claim to be the most effective and safest. This should be confusing to the majority of people because you will not know what you are seeking available and them all will offer to you the supposedly factual statements about their very high success rate and how it works to have you results faster. You will find fat loss prescription pills, over the counter weight solution pills and lately folks have started initially to move to the herbal extract pills for losing weight.

In choosing the safe pills for losing weight first thing you have to do is research on the pills through the internet and also read review about them which are usually posted on the internet. You need to read the positive and the negative reviews on the pills. There are some drugs which can be purchased but do not work at all or have a large amount of negative effects which makes worse the knowledge than you anticipated beauty slim.When doing your research you should also get information of what negative effects it can have once you take the drug.

The criteria that you ought to also check are whether the safe fat loss pills have enough power to assist you lose your extra weight. Is it safe? Do they’ve a return policy if it doesn’t work for you? How quick or well does the fat loss pill work? What are their longterm benefits? Does it assist in suppressing the appetite which you had once you started gaining weight? It’s also wise to determine if the fat loss pill that you intend to use has got any trace of the banned substance in them. Another requirement should really be what feeling you receive when you’re taking the pills? Does it make you feel sick? The safe fat loss pills are those that squeeze into this criterion and also can interact well together with your other medications if you are taking them.

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Big difference Involving Health care Technologist along with Medical Laboratory Scientist

For some time now, there remains some confusion between the terms Medical Technologist (MT) and Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS). Are they synonymous? We will now elaborate on the real history of the profession, explain the explanation for this ambiguity, and clarify the proper term for this profession.

Medical laboratorians have now been a recognized profession for almost a century. This profession first emerged when laboratory pathologists realized the necessity for highly trained professionals. With this specific great need, multiple organizations took the initiative to create a type of accreditation for qualified medical laboratorians to assist pathologists in performing advanced medical laboratory procedures.

Among the oldest accrediting agencies, the National Credentialing Agency for Laboratory Personnel (NCA), offered a table exam to individuals who’ve successfully completed their bachelors in Medical Technology. Those individuals who have successfully completed their educational requirements and have passed the exam were awarded the title Clinical Laboratory Scientists (CLS), and were eligible to work in hospital laboratories.

Another accrediting agency, the ASCP Board of Registry (BOR), was founded in 1928 by the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP). They too offered a table exam to individuals who’ve successfully completed their bachelors in a accredited Medical Laboratory Science/Medical Technology program chad price mako medical. Those individuals who have successfully completed their educational requirements and have passed the board exam were awarded the title Medical Technologist (MT), and are entitled to utilize the credential “MT (ASCP)” after their names.

On July 21, 2009, the National Credentialing Agency for Laboratory Personnel (NCA) and the ASCP Board of Registry (BOR) signed a merger agreement, forming a unitary certification agency for laboratory professionals. This newly established agency was named the ASCP Board of Certification (BOC). This new agreement took influence on October 23, 2009. The ASCP BOC is someone certifying agency within the ASCP association. Individuals who’ve completed their educational requirements (usually a bachelors degree in medical laboratory science) and have successfully passed the board exams are awarded the title Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS), and may utilize the credential “MLS” after their names.

This merger was formed to create a singe major certification organization for new individuals coming into the profession. Prior to the merger, the 2 accrediting agencies sometimes caused confusion as to which may be the “official” one. This unification simplifies the trail towards having a career as a laboratorians and is just a major step of progress with this profession. However some hospitals may still refer in their mind as Medical Technologists, the proper title directed at professionals who’ve completed their educational requirements and have passed the boards is Medical Laboratory Scientist, MLS (ASCP).

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4 Methods to Healthier Skin

Based on Maharishi Ayurveda, the four main aspects of skin care are stress-removal, detoxification, nourishment, and rehydration. Choosing natural healing remedies for each can allow you to look after your skin more effectively. Here is a closer look at four ways of taking care of your skin internally and out.


A diet that’s kind to your skin will assist you to nourish it. You may want to add such things in your daily diet as simple to digest proteins, cooked vegetables, grains and juicy sweet fruits. Juicy fruits can increase suppleness and increase nutrient fluid. A morning meal of stewed pears or apples can perform wonders for the skin. Vegetables certainly are a good supply of iron, calcium and fiber, particularly spinach and other leafy vegetables; while grains are great for minerals, and include wheat, rye, barley, millet and couscous. Milk, panir and lassi are typical good proteins to take for better looking skin. As well as these dietary suggestions, Ayurvedic also offers several choices for natural skin, including ReGen Vitality tablets and Youthful Skin tablets.


Water is essential to good rehydration and along with drinking at least eight glasses of water each day, fats such as for example olive oil and ghee will also be beneficial. Massage your skin each day with Youthful Skin, which offers the ingredients Gotu Kola, Shankapushpi and Ashwagandha, that are good in fighting the signs of aging and causing skin to glow again beauty. The oil can be utilized on parts of the human body, like the hands, and is absorbed into skin, leaving no oily film. For the face area, use both Youthful Facial cream and oil to rehydrate and balance moisture levels. For all-round absorption and digestion, consider adding spices that are great for the skin.

Some tried and tested natural skin treatments could be made easily and inexpensively in the home, including a Royal milk bath. This treatment was once well-liked by the queens of India, who used it to moisturize their skin and improve its appearance. To help make the bath milk, mix together 70 percent rolled oats, ten percent rose petals, ten percent marshmallow root, and ten percent Indian Sasparillo. Once mixed, add two tablespoons of the mixture to a square of cheesecloth and then secure the ends. Dip the entire package in to a cup of warm milk and then pat your body gently with it. Any of the mixture not used immediately could be stored in a airtight container for later use.


Dull, dry skin is often due to constipation and any effort to detoxify the human body should focus on the colon. Even the simplest changes in routine might help, such as for example drinking plenty of water each day, walking regularly, and adding more foods that contain fiber to your diet. If you want assistance with bowel motions, you can try using Herbal Cleanse from Ayurveda. To get rid of impurities from the human body, use Elim-Tox-O with Genitrac. This should be taken over an amount of 45 days and during the time of the year when the seasons are changing, for instance spring becoming summer.

Stress Removal:

Stress often causes difficulty sleeping, rendering it important to treat the matter at once. Both tiredness and stress could make themselves obvious in the face area and several items are recommended. Mental stress could be eliminated by taking Worry Free tea and tablets, while Deep Rest will help you to get to sleep and stay asleep, ensuring skin that’s healthy and free from stress. If you suffer from emotional stress, Blissful Joy might help you.

Healthy, youthful and glowing skin is something that the majority of us crave and the powerful nutrients contained in Maharishi Amrit Kalash can enable you to achieve that goal, by working on the inside. Youthful Skin Cream tackles the same problem, but from the exterior and by utilizing these Ayurvedic products regularly, your appearance will improve noticeably. Every individual includes a different situation and lifestyle. To make sure that you’re getting probably the most from the different natural healing remedies, you ought to consult with a knowledgeable Ayurvedic specialist. Younger and healthier looking skin must be tackled from both the interior and the exterior; at once it is very important to exercise regularly and maintain a wholesome diet. Addressing the problem thoroughly can help ensure a lasting glow to your skin and changes that can last for a lifetime.

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Home Health Care Services : Encouraging Men and women who Desire Assist in Exist Self-governing Lifetime

Later years can keep us from doing things we once thought were easy. As we grow older, living on our personal can be something of a struggle. However, home care and home medical care services can provide the elderly or sick with the aid and activity they need on a regular basis, permitting them to continue living an independent life.

With over one million people making use of home medical care, it’s proven to become a successful alternative to long-term nursing facilities. A normal home care service includes a nurse or aid visiting the patient’s home every day to greatly help benefit whatever needs assisting. This will vary from simply cooking meals and housecleaning to providing the individual with physical therapy and medicine. No aspect of what a patient needs is overlooked, and every patient is treated differently according to his or her needs. While one patient may need help keeping maintenance of his or her home and minor physical therapy, another may require help in being bathed and fed. Nurses are trained to be mindful of any potential needs their patient may have.

The need for home medical care isn’t always clearly determined. It is a good idea to consult with a physician before deciding whether you or someone you realize should seek the assistance of home medical care services. Consulting with a physician could also help you financially. If your doctor confirms the requirement for home services and orders it, financial burden may be lifted off your shoulders through Medicare ศูนย์ฟื้นฟูหลอดเลือดทางสมอง. Research the agency you employ to make sure they could do whatever needs to be achieved to aid you or a loved one. See if the nurses are licensed and trained. This research will help prevent any problems over the way.

One thing to remember is that home care services and home medical care services are different. While home care may provide the elderly with daily check-ups and domestic services, home medical care includes helping an individual cure an ailment, such as a coronary arrest or stroke. According to what’s required, you might want to ensure that those you’d be hiring are licensed therapists or nurses.

Home medical care is a superb way to offer yourself or a cherished one with the aid and medical treatment that’s needed on an everyday basis. It allows patients to call home healthy lives without encroaching on the independence. In the event that you or someone you realize isn’t ready to go to a long-term nursing facility, home medical care is a viable alternative that will you should be worth looking into.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Exclusively Anticipation When Put to use Solutions Do not Exhibit Success?

Even after almost annually of its worldwide invasion the SARS-Cov-2 virus called COVID-19 continues to savor an edge over humankind that is not surprising thinking about the unprecedented crisis brought in by a disease hardly recognized to anybody, its seemingly selective approach with regards to mildness or severity of the infection, baffling all medical scientists and doctors. Humankind, in its present very advanced stage of the knowledge search, is never a party to simply accept defeat, and therefore, the quest has been relentlessly going on throughout for a fruitful vaccine, and meanwhile intent research on anti-viral or anti-malarial repurposed drugs, plasma therapy and other possible methods of treatment. The main concern of all efforts coming to least to reduce the mortality rates which also differ country-wise and inexplicably, and till today it’s been an accepted fact that there is no cure for the disease. Various vaccine projects in a variety of stages of development are in full swing in a variety of countries with most of them promising a vaccine by the newest year day or early next year. Now, the newest disappointing developments on treatment methods practiced so far have posed the most relevant question: is a fruitful vaccine only expect humankind?

The majority of us remember the desperate international craving for a basically Indian anti-malarial drug called Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) once the pandemic was raging furiously in Europe and the US, and the US President going to the extent of threatening India if supplies of HCQ were not. However, slowly with time this drug was found ineffective and a little harmful too according to natural immunity โควิด 19. Then there were other drugs and steroids that have been used in combination with seemingly hopeful results, Remdesivir being the main one most welcomed one as a life-saver.

The results of the Solidarity Clinical Trial, among the largest international Randomized Controlled Trials (RCT), that has been conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) since March 2020 were declared recently which marked four of the very promising drugs as ineffective in reducing mortality. The four evaluated treatment methods, HCQ, Remdesivir, Lopinavir or Ritonavir and Interferon, have already been found to own little if any effect on mortality rates. As far as the RCTs conducted in a variety of countries of the entire world including in China are concerned there will always be doubts on their findings, and experts feel the need for more such studies. Objections were raised against the Solidarity Trial too as regards to its sampling methodology from various quarters, with one Indian hospital refusing to stop using Remdesivir claiming its benefits over the months within their patients. However, technically, it indicates that aside from Corticosteroids that have been proven effective in treating critical patients there’s no other deemed treatment method, and it also should be remembered that steroids are not recommended for less-severe or general patients.

More disappointing news came next from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) on the efficacy of the Convalescent Plasma Therapy (CPT), so far permitted as an investigational therapy in progressive stages of the disease in India, which involves taking out blood plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients and injecting this antibody-rich extract into positive patients, particularly the more severe ones treated in hospitals. On the months it’s been resulted in a systematic treatment method creating proper channels of donations throughout the states as infected doctors too managed to get a point to donate the precious plasma.

The Director General of the ICMR declared the outcomes on 20th October 2020 after conducting a unique RCT during April-July period of the year covering over 400 hospitals across 39 medical centers of the country. On the basis of the results the ICMR has figured the CPT fails to reduce the mortality rates or stop the progression of COVID-19 infections from moderate to severe stages. Following this locating the Government of India is mulling removal of CPT from its COVID-19 protocol for national clinical management. That is indeed sad news as CPT has been a popular approach to COVID-19 treatment in the lack of a fruitful vaccine.

Experts, however, are not convinced in regards to the CPT results saying that it might have experienced related to the delay of the infusion and the grade of the antibodies. Internationally, the CPT remains remedy method meant only for emergency use. Anyway, because of all these findings the importance of discovering a fruitful vaccine grows even more. The pandemic is far from keeping its clutches off humankind yet: after over 6 months of haphazard acceleration India has finally reached its peak in the third week of September 2020 with new cases still hovering around fifty thousand per day and 500+ daily deaths as the European countries and the US are experiencing another wave.

Chinmay Chakravarty is really a professional specialized in the creative field with over 2 decades of experience in journalistic writing, media co-ordination, film script writing, film dubbing, film & video making, management of international film festivals and editing of books & journals. Experienced in providing professional services in these related fields. Was an officer of Indian Information Service and superannuated from the post of Director, Press Information Bureau, Kolkata in November, 2019. Published his first solo book’Laugh and Let Laugh’in 2017.

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