Best Places to Visit in Bologna


Bologna established fact for its food (la cucina Bolognese). It is likewise seen as a reformist and throughout managed city. It is viewed as second just to Venice in excellence by numerous Italians and surely has among the biggest and best safeguarded memorable focuses among Italian urban areas. Along side visiting Bologna’s tourist attractions, spending some time absorbing the city’s unique character: stroll beneath its long arcades – the famed portici, peek inside its elegant old shops, notice its architectural quirks and interesting brickwork, pause in among the numerous cafés, and absorb a few of the exuberance of its many students. Nearly all of its popular places to see are within walking distance of Piazza Maggiore, and the arcaded streets make walking in Bologna pleasant in a myriad of weather.

San Petronio (Basilica of St. Petronius), When construction of the massive church that dominates one side of Piazza Maggiore began in 1390, it was designed to be even bigger than St. Peter’s in Rome, but never quite made it. While Bologna has no shortage of interesting and art-filled churches, Santo Stefano is the oldest and the absolute most atmospheric. The complex of eight buildings might be called the cradle of faith in Bologna. Leaning Towers will be the best-known of the 20 towers that remain of the more than 100 that formed Bologna’s 12th-century skyline.

Perhaps Bologna’s greatest interest tourists, and the source of its fame throughout Italy, is its reputation as a culinary center. It’s noted for tortellini, tagliatelle, and other pastas, and its classic dish, tagliatelle al ragu, is famous elsewhere simply as tagliatelle Bolognese. Cured meats are a local specialty, and this region is the home of the incomparable Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. You can find a number of ways to see and savor Bologna’s culinary heritage. An excellent place to start is in its markets and food shops. The narrow streets of the Quadrilatero, a location between Piazza Maggiore, via Rizzoli, via Castiglione, and via Farini, is a market since Roman times, full of little shops and outdoor stands selling a myriad of food, from garden produce, cheese, and fish to freshly made pastas and baked goods.

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