Exactly why I prefer to be able to Play Huge Jackpot Games Rather than the Select 3 Lotto Game

I like playing lottery games and it’s great that there exists a wide choice of games to play. I prefer games with big jackpots to games with smaller jackpots, like the Pick 3 Lotto game.

First of all, it should be noted that, in the long-run, 99% of regular lottery players will miss money overall. That’s just the character of these games สลากออมสิน pantip. Many individuals win small prizes and not many win big prizes. Many people understand why but continue to play because it’s a dream to them to 1 day be an instantaneous millionaire. Having that small chance going to it big is just why many people play lotteries.

Then we reach the Pick 3 lotto game. You cannot win big prizes playing it – Only small prizes. Usually the largest prize as possible win in Pick 3 is $500. That’s not just a life-changing jackpot by any means. Just like all lotteries, the more you play Pick 3, the more you’ll lose, but there’s no chance that you would strike it rich one day.

View it another way – The odds of winning the Pick 3 jackpot are 1-in-1000. So, if you get one ticket per day for 1000 days straight, you’ll spend exactly $1000 (Assuming the ticket costs $1 to play) and you’re expected winnings will undoubtedly be $500. So, you would be likely to lose $500. And, there’s no potential for a large, life-changing jackpot.

That’s why I don’t prefer to play Pick 3, but continue to play games offering high jackpots.


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