6 Protecta Bed Mat Advantages


Finding a Protecta Bed Mat might be easier for you personally than finding other brands of rubber mats. It’s widely available but similar in design a number of other mats out there. It shares some advantages with other rubber mats and offers some unique advantages. Following are reasons to think about the Protecta mat or even a similar one.

Easy To Find

As previously mentioned, the Protecta brand mat shows up in lots of places. It is likely a local auto parts store stocks the mat for all late model trucks. Or even they are able to probably have one for you personally by in a few days or sooner. Also a number of the rural supply stores, like Tractor Supply, stock the Protecta in addition to the Dee Zee mat. However, you can order one for the truck online and obtain it at your property in several days and pay nothing for shipping.

Fits Most Trucks

The Protecta in particular will come in models to suit many trucks. Considering all of the possible models of trucks and realize that many models require different cut-outs for the mats to suit properly, it’s amazing exactly how many models Protecta does provide. Especially if you have a later model truck, it’s a certain thing a mat will fit your vehicle. Or even, there’s always the trim to suit version which fits anything.

Dent Protection

Though rubber pickup mats cost little, they offer a high level of protection from damaging dents. Dents potentially do more expensive harm to trucks than scratches ever can. spray on bedliner Try pricing dent repair compared to scratch repair.

Heavy rubber absorbs most impacts protecting not merely the metal underneath but in addition a pricey spray on bed liner too. Granted spray coatings look great and offer thick protection, but even the absolute most expensive spray coat still mostly paints. Cover it with a plastic mat and you can more or less quit worrying all about dents, at the least on the location beneath the rubber.

The Easy In And Out Advantage

Installing mats consists of pitching the mat in to the bed and rolling it out. Removal is the reverse. Now granted my mat weighs 68 pounds but that’s still a reasonable weight to deal with. Meaning you can slip a pad in if you know the task demands it and slip it out to store it away when it’s no further required.


Protecta makes a tailgate cover too to complement the rest of the mat. This way you will get exactly the same dent protection and scratch prevention for the vulnerable gate area as you obtain on the main bed of the pickup. It does match too and it may stay on even though the rest of the mat gets pulled out.

Costs Nearly Nothing

For all this protection and versatility you spend almost nothing. That’s why is it tricky. In comparison to other more expensive liner options, like spray on bedliners, it looks as though the “cheap” mats could be worth little. That is a mistake. Little cost in cases like this equals high value. For under one-tenth the cost of a spray on bed liner you obtain real dent protection that’s easy to set up and take out.

A Protecta bed mat could be the easiest of the rubber bed mats to find. Often available locally, the mats can be ordered for most models of trucks and is likely to be at your property in only several days and usually shipping is free. Rubber truck bed mats work especially above more expensive liners to guard not only the bed itself however the more expensive liner itself.


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